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New York City

        New York City is a story obviously about a trip to New York City. The characters in the story are myself (Adam), my sister, my dad, & a bunch of our friends.

New York City Summary

        The story entitled "New York City" has a total of 20 chapters.

Chapters 1-5

        In the first 3 chapters, Adam, his sister, & his dad learn about a trip to New York City that Adam's school is taking. (It's really a fake trip.) Anyway, Adam, his sister, his dad, & all of their friends that are going on the trip arrive in New York City in Chapter 5.

Chapters 6-10

        In Chapters 6-10, it's day 1 of the trip, which is a Friday. On day 1, they see the Statue of Liberty (Chapter 7), Ellis Island (Chapter 8), & The Empire State Building (Chapter 9).

Chapters 11-15

        In Chapters 11-15, it's day 2 of the trip, in which they see the Natural History Museum (Chapter 11), Central Park (Chapter 12), Rockefeller Center (Chapter 13), & then they go see a concert at Lincoln Center (Chapter 14).

Chapters 16-20

In Chapters 16-19, it's day 3 of the trip. Most of those chapters is covered by them coming back from New York City on Amtrak. In Chapter 18, it takes a while because while they are waiting for the announcement that says that their train, which is coming from Boston, is ready to board, an announcement comes on. Everyone gets excited. They get more excited when the announcer starts saying their train number, but then hear that their train was delayed by 3 hours because of wildfires in Connecticut.
Here is a preview of the first page:
Chapter 1: The City That Never Sleeps
        It all started when group #3 was the given the wrong directions for the 5th grade field trip. No one had the slightest idea that it could have been on purpose. So it really all started when Adam was reading the book The City That Never Sleeps.
        It was fascinating to Adam that one library book could continue to amaze a person throughout 617 pages.
        “This is very interesting,” Adam thought, “I want to visit this city someday."
        Just then, Adam’s mom poked her head into his room. “Adam, it’s time for dinner. Go wash up.”
       “Awwww,” Adam moaned. As he got up though, he spotted a flier he had gotten from school about the 5th grade field trip, which he hadn’t yet showed his mom.
       He had an extremely risky idea. He went to Microsoft Word on his computer & typed a phony letter:
        It’s the 5th grade field trip!
        Where: New York City, New York
        When: January 27th, 2012 - January 29th, 2012
        Why: Our study of the subway
       Chaperones needed!
        It was fool proof! Adam took the mouse in his hand & printed out the letter. He grabbed it and, before he went downstairs, washed his hands. As he entered the kitchen, he thought about what he was going to do, and handed his mother the letter.
        “What’s this? A field trip?” Adam's mom asked.

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