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About Two People Doing Something
        Halloween Night At Countryside is a story about how 3 friends, Madeline, Megan, & Ayah, want to have a good costume for Halloween, but they hear that the costume store in town has closed up. Here is a clip from the story about that discussion:
        "'Well, why don't we make our own costumes!' Ayah exclaimed.
        'Yeah, that's not bad,' Maddie said.
        'Well, that's what everyone is doing at Countryside because the costume store is closed,' Ayah said."
        So Madeline, Megan, & Ayah make their costumes & then discuss what they made. When Blake rings the doorbell, Ayah goes to answer the door. Blake gives her a flier to the Halloween Dance at Countryside on Halloween. The 3 girls go to the dance & then go trick or treating.         "They all said, 'This is the best Halloween ever!'" Here are the links to the other stories on this site:
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